Sailing to Lisboa 2016

Sailing to Lisboa 2016 2017-05-19T18:23:30+00:00

Europe’s largest, free family festival is sailing to Lisboa.
Four ports, 1.955 nautical miles, one event, one goal: to bring sail training opportunities to young people around the world.

 This unique and unparalleled event is happening during the 60th celebration of The Tall Ships Races, first held between Torbay (UK) and Lisbon (Portugal) in 1956, with the aim of maintaining the Tall Ships sailing traditions and give future generations the opportunity of developing sail skills. Due to the great success of the 1956 event, The Tall Ships Races have since been held annually, providing challenging adventures and promoting team spirit, self-knowledge and cultural exchanges.

If you want to be part of this adventure, please Join us!